Kaiser Health News – How the government shutdown might affect your health

A government shutdown will have far-reaching effects for public health, including the nation’s response to the current, difficult flu season. It will also disrupt some federally supported health services, experts said Friday.

Forbes – This year’s flu is nasty and getting worse. And now we’ve shut down the CDC.

With the government shut down, a difficult situation becomes worse. Most of the CDC staff will be forced to sit on their hands when they could be working — many of them want to work, but they won’t be allowed to.

The Atlantic – The American health-care system increases income inequality

A new study in the forthcoming March issue of the American Journal of Public Health sheds light on just how all that “skin in the game” affects the material conditions of patients. The research indicates that household spending on health care is a significant contributor to income inequality in the United States.

Tech Times – FDA looks to kill cigarettes with new anti-smoking plan, which may ironically save big tobacco companies

The United States Food and Drug Administration is preparing an anti-smoking proposal that looks to finally kill off cigarettes, but the plan may have an ironic effort of saving the Big Tobacco companies.

Al-Jazeera – Indonesia: Measles, chickenpox kill dozens of children

t’s feared that the death toll from a measles outbreak in the remote Indonesian province of Papua is much higher than previously reported. Official figures say 68 children have now died – but church leaders say the real number could be in the hundreds.