The Washington Post – Short-term spending agreement provides longer-term relief for CHIP

The short-term spending plan allowing the government to reopen solves a funding crisis in a public health insurance program for children of working-class families that is popular with Republicans and Democrats alike, but has been ensnared for months in partisan budget fights.

Reuters – CDC director urges flu vaccinations as pediatric deaths mount

Of the 30 U.S. children who have died from the flu so far this season, some 85 percent had not been vaccinated, said Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, who urged Americans to get flu shots amid one of the most severe flu seasons in years.

Los Angeles Times – Restricting access to abortion makes poor women poorer

The study I led, which was published Thursday in the American Journal of Public Health, explores the socioeconomic consequences for women of receiving or being denied a wanted abortion.

Chicago Tribune – ‘Pharmacy deserts’ a growing health concern in Chicago, experts, residents say

More than a dozen other poor Chicago neighborhoods, mostly on the city’s South and West sides, are becoming “pharmacy deserts,” say some public health experts. The term describes a community with limited access to a pharmacy, whether retail or independent.

The Guardian – We’ll live longer but suffer more ill-health by 2035, says study

The number of older people who have at least four different medical conditions is set to double by 2035, in a trend that will put huge extra strain on the NHS, researchers warn.