Associated Press – Senate confirms Alex Azar as Trump’s second health secretary

President Trump’s second health secretary won Senate approval Wednesday. Alex Azar will take on the leadership of a sprawling department shaken by the administration’s tumultuous first year.

The Washington Post – Here’s what you should know about the flu season this year

This year’s flu season is already the most widespread on record since health officials began keeping track 13 years ago, and has already caused the deaths of more children than what normally would be expected at this time of the year, federal health officials have said.

BBC – One cigarette a day ‘increases heart disease and stroke risk’

People who smoked even one cigarette a day were still about 50% more likely to develop heart disease and 30% more likely to have a stroke than people who had never smoked, a large BMJ study suggests.

HealthDay – U.S. efforts to help fight global HIV are paying off

PEPFAR’s efforts to prevent, treat and care for people with HIV/AIDS in poor countries has been highly effective and should continue, experts say.

The Conversation – Why climate change is worsening public health problems

The imperative for health care access must be paired with a frank acknowledgment that climate change is making communities around the world more vulnerable to ill health.