Politico – Poll: Trump should talk about health care, economy in SOTU speech

Voters want to hear President Donald Trump talk about health care and the economy at this week’s State of the Union address. When asked which issues they want Trump to address in Tuesday’s speech, the largest percentages of voters surveyed say it’s “very important” for Trump to discuss improving the health care system (59 percent).

Associated Press – 17 universities oppose anti-smoking group with tobacco ties

Seventeen public health schools in the U.S. and Canada pledged Thursday to refuse research money from a new anti-smoking group funded by the tobacco industry. The Foundation for a Smoke-Free World was created in September with nearly $1 billion from the Philip Morris tobacco company, saying it aims to end smoking worldwide and support research to meet that goal.

CNN – What we can learn 100 years later from the 1918 flu pandemic

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the great influenza pandemic of 1918. Between 50 and 100 million people are thought to have died, representing as much as 5 percent of the world’s population. Half a billion people were infected.

NPR – No car, no care? Medicaid transport program faces cuts in some states

Called non-emergency medical transportation, or NEMT, the benefit is as old as Medicaid itself. It requires the transport of certain people to and from medical services. However, citing runaway costs and a focus on patients taking responsibility for their health, Republicans have vowed to roll back the benefits.

The Washington Post – How Trump may end up expanding Medicaid, whether he means to or not

Republican lawmakers in a half-dozen states are launching fresh efforts to expand Medicaid, the nation’s health insurance program for the poor, as party holdouts who had blocked the expansion say they’re now open to it because of Trump administration guidelines allowing states to impose new requirements that program recipients work to get benefits.