Bloomberg – E-cigarettes may lead to cancer and heart disease, new study finds

E-cigarette users are possibly putting themselves at risk for developing heart disease, lung and bladder cancers, according to a new report. The findings, though preliminary, indicate that the devices—which aerosolize nicotine and contain no tobacco—may not be as safe as previously assumed.

CBS News – Trump charges new HHS Sec. to combat opioid crisis, drug prices at swearing-in

President Trump has charged the newest Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar to help combat the impacts of the nation’s opioid epidemic and rising prescription drug costs crippling the United States at a White House ceremony on Monday.

The Hill – Tough flu season could kill tens of thousands

Millions of Americans are suffering from the influenza virus in what public health experts say is an unusually active and dangerous flu season, the result of several distinct strains of a disease that are likely to kill tens of thousands in the United States.

CNN – If it’s not the flu, you might be sick because of this virus

Another family of viruses, known as adenoviruses, often mimic the common seasonal sickness. Though they are similar, there are differences between the two.