STAT – CDC Director Brenda Fitzgerald resigns after report she invested in tobacco stocks

Brenda Fitzgerald, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, resigned on Wednesday following a report that she had invested in tobacco stocks while overseeing an agency tasked with promoting public health.

Kaiser Health News – Trump briefly touches on individual mandate repeal, opioid epidemic in State of the Union

President Donald Trump touted Republicans’ steps toward gutting a crucial part of the health law and said efforts to crack down on immigration will help the opioid epidemic.

Newsweek – 20.8 million prescription painkillers sent to West Virginia town with population of 2,900

Between 2006 and 2016, a total of 20.8 million prescription painkillers were sent to two pharmacies in Williamson, in Mingo County, West Virginia, a town with a population of only 2,900 people.

NPR – How to drive down smoking in groups that still light up

But 15 percent of Americans — about 40 million people — continue to smoke. Who are they? And why are they still smoking?

CNN – Coffee may come with a cancer warning in California

California coffee shops may soon be forced to warn customers about a possible cancer risk linked to their morning jolt of java.