Wired – Big pharma has the flu

Flu vaccines make pharma companies $3 billion a year and aren’t very effective. Without a Manhattan Project-style initiative to modernize immunizations, things aren’t going to get any better.

The New York Times – India wants to give half a billion people free health care

India announced on Thursday a sweeping plan to give half a billion poor Indians free access to health care, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeks to address rising demands for greater economic and social protections before national elections next year.

NBC News – Water crisis grips Cape Town, South Africa, after drought stretching years

Authorities warn Cape Town is less than three months away from the situation becoming so dire that it must shut off its taps, an eventuality known as “Day Zero.”

STAT – CDC director’s investment in tobacco, drug companies baffles ethics experts

It was a financial investment in a tobacco company that helped lead to the downfall of Brenda Fitzgerald, who until Wednesday was the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

STAT -Not just Zika: Other mosquito-borne viruses may cause birth defects, study suggests

When scientists discovered that the Zika virus was causing birth defects, it seemed to catch the world off guard. But what if other viruses spread by insects also pose a threat to fetuses?