Mass Live – CDC: Influenza, pneumonia related deaths now epidemic

The percentage of deaths from pneumonia and influenza-like illnesses is considered epidemic across the country, according to the latest statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The New York Times – Flu patients arrive in droves, and a hospital rolls out the ‘surge tent’

Thus far, he said, this has not been the worst flu season he’s seen, but this year’s seem sicker. It may yet get worse. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Friday that flu hospitalization rates across the country were the highest ever seen at this point in the season since tracking began in 2005.

Kaiser Health News – Stalled health programs await a green light on the hill

With the clock ticking on the current stop-gap bill that funds the federal government through Feb. 8, Congress is steeling itself to consider another must-pass budget bill. And, once again, health care could be caught in the crosshairs.

NPR – In the U.S. Virgin Islands, health care remains in a critical state

Health care in the U.S. Virgin Islands remains in a critical state, five months after Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria pummeled the region.

The Hill – Look to local communities for answers on health policy

While many continue to debate the best approach to health, local communities are taking matters into their own hands. I know because I’ve not just seen it happening, I’ve seen it working.