US News & World Report – Most in U.S. don’t safely store guns, study says

54 percent of owners reported not storing all of their firearms safely, increasing the risk that they’ll be used unintentionally.

Buzzfeed – In 46 states, people of color deal with more air pollution than white people do, study finds

People of color face more air pollution than white people, and black people bear the biggest environmental burden of any group, according to a new study by EPA scientists.

USA Today – Vaping? You could be inhaling lead and arsenic, a new study says

Potentially unsafe levels of toxic chemicals were found in e-cigarette vapers, according to a recently released study.

ABC News – Women prefer long-lasting birth control if cost isn’t a factor: Study

If they don’t have to think about cost or availability, women may be more likely to choose long-lasting birth control, according to a new study published in the American Journal of Public Health.

Rewire – TRAP laws have ensured ‘separate and unequal treatment’ for abortion care

Abortion care, the authors suggest, is subject to strict laws even when no surgical procedure is involved.