NPR – White House convenes summit on opioids

NPR’s David Greene talks to Jessica Hulsey Nickel, founder of the Addiction Policy Forum. She is attending the White House opioid summit on Thursday.

Kaiser Health News – Bipartisan group of Senators argue ban on CDC gun research no longer makes sense

A 1996 amendment prohibits the CDC from using funds to advocate for or promote gun control; while the language in the measure didn’t expressly prevent scientific research, it was ambiguous and the agency sharply curbed its research into gun violence.

AP – 16 more die from flu in South Carolina

State health officials say 16 more people have died in South Carolina after being stricken by the flu. The Department of Health and Environmental Control said Thursday that the latest deaths bring the state’s total number of flu deaths to 167 since the flu season began in October.

STAT – Remembering Albert Sabin and the vaccine that changed the world

Sabin’s spark of breathtaking ambition flamed into a beacon of cooperation, professionalism, and hope. When its work is done, and the world is free of polio, the achievement will be a testament not only to the vision and determination of one man, but also to the ability of a world united in compassion to determine its own future.

Fox News – If smokers get work breaks, non-smokers want time off: study

More than 40 percent of non-smokers believe they should get three to five extra vacation days per year, to compensate for all the time their smoking co-workers spend on cigarette breaks, a recent survey says.