The Washington Post– HHS chief pushes Trump opioid commission’s top recommendation

President Trump’s top health official wants everyone to know that he is pushing forward with a key recommendation for helping states combat the opioid epidemic.

Tech Times – obesity paradox debunked: obese people don’t actually live longer, new study says

For a long time, researchers have found it difficult to explain exactly what the Obesity Paradox is, dumbfounded by the notion that putting on excess weight somehow adds extra years to one’s life. The answer? Easy. It’s simply not true.

USA Today – How a push to cut costs and boost profits at surgery centers led to a trail of death

Such centers started nearly 50 years ago as low-cost alternatives for minor surgeries. They now outnumber hospitals as federal regulators have signed off on an ever-widening array of outpatient procedures in an effort to cut federal health care costs.

STAT – The steady growth in health care jobs isn’t all positive

While progress has been a celebration for many, unchecked job growth in health care has also been the primary driver of America’s skyrocketing health care prices, and hasn’t translated into better outcomes for patients.

Associated Press – Brazil yellow fever cases on track to surpass last outbreak

Brazil has confirmed 723 cases of yellow fever, putting the current outbreak on track to surpass the previous, unusually large one.