STAT – A medical journal and a health insurer take on gun violence

The American Journal of Public Health is opening up its research and papers on public health and firearms for free to the public. The editors of the journal — which normally requires a subscription to access its full archive — say they’re hopeful that access to research will translate into smarter policies to prevent gun injuries.

The Washington Post – Emergency room data shows the opioid crisis continues to accelerate

More than 142,000 people were taken to emergency departments for opioid overdoses during a recent 15-month period, the latest sign the drug epidemic continues to worsen despite the efforts of public health authorities.

NBC News – Vaccines don’t overload babies’ immune systems, study finds

Kids who got more vaccines were not any more likely to get unrelated infections than kids who got fewer vaccines, or who had them spaced out more than recommended.

Kaiser Health News – Use of HIV prevention drug grows, but lags among minorities

Wide ethnic and racial disparities persist in its use, with far less uptake among non-white Medicaid enrollees than among their white counterparts.

Live Science – Here’s the best way to protect yourself from a norovirus outbreak

Rigorous handwashing could, theoretically, reduce the size of the outbreak by 100 percent, meaning it could entirely prevent an outbreak, the researchers found.