The New York Times – In poor countries, antismoking activists face threats and violence

He was one of several tobacco control advocates at last week’s 17th World Conference on Tobacco or Health in Cape Town who in telephone conversations described violence or threats they faced as they fought the expansion of smoking in their countries.

CNN – US deaths from lead exposure 10 times higher than thought, study suggests

Lead exposure may be responsible for nearly 10 times more deaths in the United States than previously thought, according to a new study.

The Atlantic – How the Great Recession hurt Americans’ health

A new paper confirms what many Americans likely suspected: A mass economic downturn—on the scale that occurred during the Great Recession—makes people physically sick.

The New York Times – Congress quashed research in to gun violence. Since then, 600,000 people have been shot.

22 years and more than 600,000 gunshot victims later, much of the fedral government has largely abandoned efforts to learn why people shoot one another, or themselves, and what can be done to prevent gun violence.

Los Angeles Times – Take a little off the top: How visits to the barbershop helped reduce blood pressure in African American men

If that visitor is among the close to 40% of African American men with high blood pressure, he might also get a little taken off the top of that vital health reading.