County Health Rankings & Roadmaps – New County Health Rankings show differences in health and opportunity by place and race

The County Health Rankings show that where we live matters to health. This year, we bring new analyses that show meaningful health gaps persist not only by place, but also among racial and ethnic groups.

TIME – The U.S. spends twice as much on health care as other high-income countries

Health care spending in the U.S. is roughly twice that of other high-income nations — but all that extra money isn’t leading to better health, according to a new analysis published in JAMA.

The Wall Street Journal – Elderly in U.S. are projected to outnumber children for first time

People over 65 years old would outnumber children by 2035, a first in U.S. history, according to updated projections released by the Census Bureau on Tuesday.

Health – 9 statistics that prove gun violence is a public health issue

Federal research on gun violence has been hindered by decades-old restrictions and lapsed funding, but state governments, universities, and private organizations have picked up some of the slack, compiling numbers and conducting their own studies in recent years. Here are just a few of their frightening findings.

CNN – Overdose antidote availability doesn’t always mean fewer deaths, study says

State laws that provide wider access to naloxone, sold under brand names including Narcan, may unintentionally increase opioid abuse, according to a new study published in SSRN, a collaborative research network.