TIME – Health officials issue measles warning after 2 cases identified in travelers to the U.S.

Two cases of measles have been confirmed in individuals who traveled through airports in Newark, Detroit, and Memphis this month, health officials said.

Bloomberg – What’s behind the deadliest outbreak of listeriosis

South Africa is struggling to contain a deadly outbreak of listeriosis that’s been declared the world’s worst on record. More than 900 people were infected over 14 months.

Vox – How America’s prisons are fueling the opioid epidemic

In an extensive review of state prison policies, I found that almost no state prison system offers these medications to inmates suffering from opioid use disorder.

The New York Times – Black cancer matters

It is difficult to establish a causal connection between hazardous wastes and cancer; however, “Company Town” presents a formidable case.

The Tampa Bay Times – Pediatricians are the new allies in the battle against teen depression. They can spot it early.

Amid rising demand for mental health care for children and teens in crisis, the American Academy of Pediatrics is calling on front-line doctors to get in the game and help spot the early signs of depression in their young patients.