CNBC – FDA chief worries about a new generation of kids getting hooked on nicotine through vaping

Access to e-cigarettes by kids is a “big concern” for the Food and Drug Administration, and the agency plans to take steps soon to better address the vaping problem.

Kaiser Health News – The other opioid crisis: hospital shortages lead to patient pain, medical errors

Even as opioids flood American communities and fuel widespread addiction, hospitals are facing a dangerous shortage of the powerful painkillers needed by patients in acute pain, according to doctors, pharmacists and a coalition of health groups.

Medscape – Semiautomatic rifle ban stopped mass shootings in Australia, study suggests

There have been no mass shootings in Australia since the passage of a ban on semiautomatic rifles in 1996. The probability that no mass shootings have occurred in the 22 years since the ban went into effect is due to chance is one in 200,000.

Healthline – Employees with more sick days take better care of their health

People who receive 10 or more paid sick days per year from employers are far more likely to access preventive care such as flu shots, mammography, and screenings for cardiac risk and diabetes.

Forbes – U.S. adults consumed 17 billion binge drinks in 2015

Investigators in the study found that that about 37 million adults (1 in 6 adults) engage in binge drinking about 1 time per week . When they do so, they consume an average of seven drinks per binge, the study noted.