STAT – New CDC director predicts U.S. can end AIDS epidemic within seven years

The AIDS epidemic in the United States could be ended in the next few years, the new director of the Centers for Disease Control and Protection predicted Wednesday, saying that health officials have all the tools they need to prevent its spread.

CNBC – FDA to consider what ‘healthy’ means and other claims food companies can make

The Food and Drug Administration wants to use nutrition to cut obesity rates and ultimately reduce the prevalence of chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

CityLab – Where smoking kills, and why

Schluger believes that tobacco use is the leading single preventable cause of death in the world—not just because of the types of diseases we traditionally associate with it, such as lung cancer or emphysema, but because of the way it can help spread other infectious diseases, too.

NPR – Fentanyl-laced cocaine becoming a deadly problem among drug users

A pipe was the only sign of drug use found near Chris Bennett’s body in November. But it looked like the 32-year-old Taunton, Mass., native had stopped breathing and died of an opioid overdose. Bennett’s mother, Liisa, couldn’t understand what happened. Then she saw the toxicology report.

Huffington Post – Starbucks may have to display cancer warning on coffee sold in California

Starbucks and other coffee roasting companies in California may be required to add warning labels on drinks to alert customers to possible cancer risks, according to a new court ruling.