Modern Healthcare – Week ahead: A chance to reflect on long-term plans to address public health issues

American Public Health Association Executive Director Dr. Georges Benjamin acknowledges that conversations among his peers have changed since lawmakers started threatening funding for social programs to improve community wellness.

The New York Times – ‘I can’t stop’: Schools struggle with vaping explosion

E-cigarettes have been touted by their makers and some public health experts as devices to help adult smokers kick the habit. But school officials, struggling to control an explosion of vaping among high school and middle school students across the country, fear that the devices are creating a new generation of nicotine addicts.

The Washington Post – Taking folic acid may lower the risk of autism and ease features of the condition

Folic acid, a B vitamin, may lower autism risk and ease features of the condition, according to findings from five unrelated studies published over the past few months.

HealthDay – Raised blood pressure before pregnancy linked to miscarriage

Young women with elevated blood pressure before pregnancy appear to have a greater risk of miscarriage, even if they haven’t been diagnosed with full-blown high blood pressure, a new study suggests.

STAT – NIH rejected a study of alcohol advertising while pursuing industry funding for other research

In 2014 and 2015, Koob’s agency was quietly wooing the alcoholic beverage industry to contribute tens of millions of dollars for a study on whether drinking “moderate” amounts of alcohol was good for the heart. Those efforts were brought to light by recent reports in Wired and the New York Times.