NBC News – ‘Nightmare bacteria’ are trying to spread in the U.S., CDC says

“Nightmare bacteria” with the power to resist most antibiotics are popping up across the U.S., but new, aggressive policies can help stop them from spreading, federal health officials said Tuesday.

USA Today – FDA orders kratom product recall over Salmonella; first such mandatory move in history

Federal drug regulators issued their first-ever mandatory recall Tuesday to a company selling several products containing the herbal supplement kratom and contaminated with Salmonella.

The Washington Post – People can’t be educated into vaccinations, but behavioral nudges help, study finds

The reason most people don’t get vaccinations for themselves or their children, the study found, isn’t because they need convincing but because they perceive inconveniences or obstacles.

Splinter – The silent crisis killing Puerto Ricans months after hurricane Maria

Underneath the debris, a silent mental health crisis is burgeoning in Puerto Rico, with a record number of people reporting anxiety and depression.

The Washington Post – Nearly 12 million people enrolled in 2018 health coverage under the ACA

A total of 11.8 million Americans signed up for Affordable Care Act health insurance for 2018, a drop of just 400,000 from the previous year despite widespread predictions that enrollment would plummet amid political and insurance industry turbulence surrounding the law.