STAT – In rare advisory, surgeon general urges public to carry overdose-reversal medication

Surgeon General Jerome Adams is issuing a rare public health advisory on Thursday, calling for friends and family of people at risk for opioid overdoses to carry the OD-reversal medication naloxone. He likened the treatment to other livesaving interventions, such as knowing how to perform CPR or use an EpiPen.

CNN – FDA chief: Opioids are “biggest crisis facing the FDA”

“This is the biggest crisis facing the FDA,” said Gottlieb. “But this crisis has gotten so big that it’s beyond the purview of any one entity to really impact it in a very meaningful way. I think the way we’re going to do so is by working together not just at a federal level but also at a state and local level.”

The New York Times – Dr. King said segregation harms us all. Environmental research shows he was right.

A growing body of research around pollution and health shows that his belief about segregation hurting everyone extends to the environment as well. Many American cities that are more racially divided have higher levels of pollution than less segregated cities.

Kaiser Health News – Alive and limping: ACA in the age of Trump

In this special episode of KHN’s “What the Health?” the panelists dissect the changes made to the health law, how it has affected the politics and policy around health care, and what to watch for going forward.

The Chicago Tribune – From the community: It’s National Public Health Week

National Public Health Week, which runs from now until April 8, is a great time to remind residents that good public health practice starts at home.