HealthDay – Kids in tough neighborhoods head to ER more often

Growing up in a disadvantaged neighborhood may mean more visits to the emergency room, a new study suggests. When children came from areas of “low opportunity,” they were about one-third more likely to have been treated at an urgent care center or an emergency room than kids from areas with more opportunity.

The Hill – Gun violence: A public health problem

Policymakers are restricted in their ability to make fully informed, data-backed decisions about who should have access to firearms, when and how they should access them, and how gun-related tragedies can be prevented. – E. coli outbreak in 4 N.J. counties may be linked to restaurant chain

An E. coli outbreak that has spread to at least four New Jersey counties may be linked to a restaurant chain, the state Health Department said Thursday, adding it was not naming the chain until it could be confirmed.

The Washington Post – Amid new talk of criminalizing abortion, research shows the dangers of making it illegal for women

Research over the past decade casts significant doubt on whether criminalizing abortion would reduce abortion rates. And data from countries where abortion is outlawed suggests it could have serious consequences on women’s health and safety.

The Hill – GOP panel proposes lifting Medicaid limits on opioid care

Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Wednesday night unveiled a proposal to lift limits on Medicaid paying for opioid treatment.