CNN – The states where disease and death are highest: A visual guide

A study published Tuesday in the journal JAMA details just how wide those state-by-state differences are when it comes to how diseases, injuries and risk factors impact America’s youth, adults and older populations.

Politico – Trump orders top-to-bottom review of welfare programs

President Donald Trump has directed his agencies to raise the bar for recipients of food stamps, Medicaid, rent subsidies and other welfare programs, and find ways to put more of them back to work.

Fortune – Texas’s horrific maternal mortality rate in 2012? It wasn’t actually true

How was it that, in 2012, the maternal mortality rate in Texas reached a shocking 148 deaths—double the level from two years previously? That was the question many were asking in 2016, thanks to a study that purported to show just that.

NPR – PrEP campaign aims to block HIV infection and save lives in D.C.

To cut new infections in half by 2020, D.C. health officials estimate it will need to more than quadruple the number of people in the District who are on PrEP. The department of health and community groups are pulling out all the stops to raise awareness.

The New York Times – Why exercise alone may not be the key to weight loss

In recent years, study after study examining exercise and weight loss among people and animals has concluded that, by itself, exercise is not an effective way to drop pounds.