The Washington Post – Inside the secret U.S. stockpile meant to save us all in a bioterror attack

The stockpile should contain “the stuff we need for the disasters we know we’re going to have — like gloves, syringes, Cipro, penicillin, antibiotics, and influenza vaccines — versus the newest, sexiest version of the anthrax vaccine,” said Georges Benjamin, executive director of the American Public Health Association, who was Maryland’s health secretary during the 2001 terrorist and anthrax attacks.

Washington Examiner – Key committee prepares to advance bipartisan bills on opioids, over-the-counter medicines

A key Senate committee is set to vote Tuesday to advance four healthcare-related bills, including a wide-ranging package aimed at tackling the opioid crisis.

NPR – Redesigning maternal care: OB-GYNs are urged to see new mothers sooner and more often

Doctors would see new mothers sooner and more frequently, and insurers would cover the increased visits, under sweeping new recommendations from the organization that sets standards of care for obstetrician-gynecologists in the U.S.

STAT – DEA plan to stem supply of prescription drugs draws skepticism

With pressure building on the the Drug Enforcement Administration to stem the supply of prescription drugs, a new proposal aims to empower the agency to more aggressively limit manufacturing levels and to put hundreds of drug makers on notice.

The Washington Post – Source of E. coli-contaminated romaine lettuce still a mystery, FDA says

Eight sick prisoners in Nome, Alaska, have provided a clue to authorities about the origin of a nationwide outbreak of dangerous E. coli infections from romaine lettuce, but U.S. officials said Monday they still haven’t pinpointed the source of the contamination.