Scientific American – The health and safety of America’s workers is at risk

Too many workers lose their lives, their health, their livelihoods or their ability to fully engage in the routine activities of daily living because of hazards, exposures and unsafe conditions at work.

Forbes – E. Coli outbreak in romaine lettuce underscores need for change and technology

The Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have reported that 98 people in 22 states have become ill from eating romaine lettuce grown in the region of Yuma, Arizona.

STAT – Bill Gates got President Trump fired up about a universal flu vaccine — and also (maybe) got a job offer

Bill Gates was talking to President Trump in the Oval Office last month when the conversation turned to the notion of a universal flu vaccine — probably, as Gates recalled in an interview, “the longest conversation about universal flu vaccine that the president’s ever had.”

U.S. News & World Report – Study: public health concerns play minor role in climate change lawsuits

Public health concerns are cited in a fraction of climate change lawsuits, but such concerns could help in affecting climate policy changes, new research suggests.

Newsweek – E-cigarette use in classrooms booms, as teachers blame Juul vape

Children are vaping in schools, teachers and health and education officials have warned. Kids are hiding e-cigarette vapor under their shirts as they smoke in hallways, bathrooms and even classrooms, the Associated Press reported.