The Guardian – Exercise is good for you – unless it’s part of your job

Men who work as labourers or in other physically demanding roles have a greater risk of dying early than those with more sedentary jobs, researchers say.

Newsweek – What is syphilis? Stillbirths linked to STI in California at highest level since 1995

The number of stillbirths caused by syphilis in California has spiked to the highest level in over two decades, as rates of sexually transmitted illnesses (STIs) in the state reach a record high.

CBS News – Which states have the biggest drug problems?

As the opioid epidemic continues to wreak havoc on communities across the country, new data looks at where drug abuse is most pronounced and which geographic areas in the United States are most at risk.

BuzzFeed News – Millions of eggs have been recalled but people are still getting sick from salmonella

So far, 35 people in nine states have gotten sick, including 12 recently, as part of a salmonella outbreak tied to millions of eggs that have since been recalled.

The New York Times – Medical mystery: something happened to U.S. health spending after 1980

The United States devotes a lot more of its economic resources to health care than any other nation, and yet its health care outcomes aren’t better for it.