Reuters – Third Indian state checks suspect cases in outbreak of rare brain-damaging virus

Officials in a third Indian state were checking on Friday if two people had been infected with the brain-damaging Nipah virus that has killed 12 in southern Kerala, although the government described the outbreak as minor.

PBS Newshour – What’s really in public swimming pools?

With summer approaching, public health officials have a cautionary vacation buzzkill: Public pools are teeming with parasites and bacteria linked to diarrhea and Legionnaire’s disease, which in some cases could cause serious illnesses.

Voice of America – Dying Ebola patients flee to Congo prayer meeting

Two dying Ebola patients were spirited out of a Congo hospital by their relatives on motorcycles, then taken to a prayer meeting with 50 other people, potentially exposing them all to the deadly virus, a senior aid worker said Thursday.

Today – Eye-opening new report shows how cars can become hot deathtraps in an hour

Holley’s moment of terror did not end in tragedy. But, on average, 37 kids left in cars die of hyperthermia in the United States every year.

USA Today – Report: Obesity linked to these 12 types of cancers, including breast and colorectal

Staying physically active and eating a healthy diet filled with whole grains, fruits and vegetables not only help lower weight but could cut your risk for cancer, a new report finds.

NPR – How a cheap magnet might help detect malaria

Each year, malaria kills about half a million people around the world. Health officials say a fast, cheap, accurate way to test for people infected with the malaria parasite would be extremely helpful in combating the disease.