The Guardian – Silent epidemic: black gay men in US face 50-50 risk of HIV

The risk of contracting HIV is one in two if you are a black man in the US who has sex with men. This statistic is all the more startling because so few people are aware of it.

CNN – A ‘wake-up call’ about what’s killing America’s young people

There has been a significant rise in accidental deaths, homicides and suicides among young people across the United States, and experts are calling it a wake-up call.

Reuters – Smoking down, but tobacco use still a major cause of death, disease, WHO reports

Fewer people are smoking worldwide, especially women, but only one country in eight is on track to meet a target of reducing tobacco use significantly by 2025, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday.

The Washington Post – This mock pandemic killed 150 million people. Next time it might not be a drill.

So began a recent day-long exercise hosted by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. The simulation mixed details of past disasters with fictional elements to force government officials and experts to make the kinds of key decisions they could face in a real pandemic.

The New York Times – The next great American public health campaign? Readers make their picks

Public health campaigns have proved a rare double success in American health care over the decades: They have drastically increased life spans, and often paid for themselves. We asked readers which health campaign they would like to see started.

CBS News – New study casts doubt on “healthy obesity” for women

Obese women who have been healthy for decades may still be on the path to heart problems, a new study suggests.