The New York Times – Nipah virus, dangerous and little known, spreads in India

A rare, brain-damaging virus that experts consider a possible epidemic threat has broken out in the state of Kerala, India, for the first time, infecting at least 18 people and killing 17 of them, according to the World Health Organization.

TIME – Opioids are now responsible for 1 in 5 deaths among young adults

In 2016, one in 65 deaths in the United States involved opioids — and among younger adults, that number skyrocketed to one in five, according to a new study.

USA Today – Bubble pop? Brownie batter? Vapes’ added flavors fuel e-cigarette debate

A heated debate is redrawing alliances in the tobacco control movement as federal officials wrestle with how to regulate the growing e-cigarette market.

CBS Los Angeles – Sunscreen study: better to use SPF 100 than SPF 50

Some people find choosing a sunscreen overwhelming with so many options. Now, new research suggests sunscreens with a higher SPF may be your best bet to avoid sunburn.

The Washington Post – Five dead, nearly 200 sick in E. coli outbreak from lettuce. And investigators are stumped.

Five people have died and nearly 200 from about three dozen states have been sickened by E. coli in a growing outbreak that has so far stumped federal investigators.

Reuters – Coal lobby fights black lung tax as disease rates surge

The Black Lung Disability Trust Fund risks insolvency due to soaring debt and a slashing of coal company contributions through a tax cut scheduled for the end of the year, according to a report the U.S. Government Accountability Office plans to publish soon, two sources briefed on it told Reuters.