ABC News — At least 65 die in Guatemala’s ‘Volcano of Fire’

At least 65 people, including several children, have died after the most violent volcanic eruption in Guatemala in more than a century, authorities said.

STAT — New risk calculator could change the aspirin, statins, and blood pressure medications some people take

More than 11 million people may need to reconsider taking medications to avoid heart attack and stroke, according to new research that says current guidelines overestimate risk for some people, but underestimate risk for others, especially African-Americans.

The Washington Post — Trump administration inaugurates Medicaid scorecard for state programs

The Trump administration is embarking on a basic change to Medicaid that for the first time evaluates states based on the health of millions of Americans and the services they use through the vast public insurance program for the poor.

Shape — How to avoid tick bites when they’re at an all-time high

The CDC reports illnesses from mosquito, tick, and flea bites have tripled in the U.S. Here’s what you need to know to stay safe.

Bangor Daily News — Hundreds of children wait for mental health help, even after Maine pledged to follow the law

RSU 63 Superintendent Susan Smith learned this spring that a total of three students from the Penobscot County town of Clifton, population 900, had been waiting more than six months to get treatment for often debilitating mental illness.