The Washington Post — The trauma of separation lingers long after children are reunited with parents

Long after the wailing and tears, the trauma of separation can linger in children’s minds, even after they are reunited with their parents, experts say.

Newsweek — Polio has not returned to Venezuela, WHO says

Polio has not returned to Venezuela, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), despite reports that a case of the virus had been identifed as the country reels from an economic and political crisis.

CBS News — How to protect your family from foodborne illness outbreaks

Several recent outbreaks of illness linked to contaminated food have affected dozens of people across the country. But health officials say new technology and consumer actions are helping to contain these infections.

The Washington Post — Kids in these U.S. hot spots at higher risk because parents opt out of vaccinations

Eighteen states allow parents to opt their children out of school immunization requirements for nonmedical reasons, with exemptions for religious or philosophical beliefs. And in two-thirds of those states, a comprehensive new analysis finds a rising number of kindergartners who have not been vaccinated.

The New York Times — Night owls may have higher depression risk

Previous studies have found a link between a person’s unique circadian rhythm, or chronotype, and depression, but none were able to tell whether sleep habits were a cause or an effect of the disease. This new prospective study, in the Journal of Psychiatric Research, is a step closer to establishing causality.