Kaiser Health News — Fearing deportation, immigrant parents are opting out of health benefits for kids

Advocates say a growing number of American children are dropping out of Medicaid and other government programs because their parents are not citizens.

The Sydney Morning Herald — Polio outbreak declared in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea has suffered its first outbreak of polio in 18 years, government and UN officials have confirmed.

ABC News — Red meat allergies caused by tick bites are on the rise

Experts say that this year’s tick season is shaping up to be possibly the worst in recent memory. Beyond Lyme disease and other tick-borne ailments, a new threat is emerging from ticks whose bites can prompt an allergy to red meat.

The Washington Post — What if a pandemic hit the U.S. — are we ready?

In “The Next Plague Is Coming. Is America Ready?”, Yong takes a clear-eyed view of the worst-case scenario: a public-health system caught off guard by a pandemic that spirals out of control.

The New York Times — Americans love families. American policies don’t.

Families make powerful symbols, valuable to politicians and revered by voters. But American policies are inconsistent and weak, relative to many countries, in supporting them.