The Washington Post — White House wants to cut this public health service corps by nearly 40 percent

The White House is proposing to reduce by nearly 40 percent the uniformed public health professionals who deploy during disasters and disease outbreaks, monitor drug safety and provide health care in some of the nation’s most remote and disadvantaged areas.

The New York Times — New York confronts rampant smoking among Chinese men

Reflecting a global trend, Chinese men in New York City smoke at much higher rates than men or women in any other ethnic group — and deaths from lung cancer among them have soared. As a result, the city’s health department launched a public service ad campaign this month aimed specifically at Chinese men.

Daily Mail — Opioid death toll much higher than previously thought: 70,000 more Americans died of overdoses in the last decade – but did not get counted, study suggests

The opioid epidemic’s death toll has been underestimated by a staggering 70,000 lives lost, new research reveals.

STAT — Antwon Rose’s killing by police affects blacks’ mental health across the country

His tragic death, and the responses now reverberating throughout the country, casts a deeply disturbing shadow over our research results, reported this week in the Lancet, which shed light on this grim fact: Police killings of unarmed black Americans lead to poorer mental health among black Americans across the country.

WTOP — Research reveals new risk factor for high blood pressure, cholesterol

Binge drinking has been identified as a new risk factor for developing high blood pressure and high cholesterol in men, according to new research.