BBC – Seeing the same doctor over time ‘lowers death rates’

Patients who see the same doctor again and again have lower death rates, a study suggests. The benefits applied to visits to GPs and specialists and were seen across different cultures and health systems.

NBC News – Here’s the real reason so many Americans get food poisoning

Government scientists trying out a new kitchen safety training video got an unpleasant surprise when they watched how people behave during food preparation.

CNN – Australia wins landmark WTO dispute on tobacco packaging

Australia has won a landmark victory at the World Trade Organization (WTO), which found that the country’s stringent laws requiring plain packaging on tobacco products do not violate the country’s trade obligations.

NPR – ‘Fundamental shift’ needed to protect miners from deadly black lung

New and tougher rules designed to protect coal miners from the coal and silica dust that causes the fatal disease black lung may not be enough to stem an “epidemic” of the worst stages of the disease or the highest rates of disease in Central Appalachia in 25 years.

FOX 59 – Officials say hepatitis A outbreak in Louisville, other parts of Kentucky now worst in U.S.

The hepatitis A outbreak in Louisville and other parts of Kentucky is now the worst in the country.