The New York Times – In town with little water, Coca-Cola is everywhere. So is diabetes.

Maria del Carmen Abadía lives in one of Mexico’s rainiest regions, but she has running water only once every two days. When it does trickle from her tap, the water is so heavily chlorinated, she said, it’s undrinkable.

Gizmodo – Pregnant millennials may get depression more than their mothers in the 1990s

A new study published this Friday in JAMA Open suggests it’s especially hard for expectant moms. It found that pregnant women today are more likely to feel depressed than their mothers were during their pregnancies a generation ago.

Wired – Juul’s lobbying could send its public image up in smoke

Over the past year, Juul, the vaping sensation that dominates 70 percent of the US e-cigarette market, has tried to cultivate the image of decent corporate citizen that wants to play by the rules. – Crab meat imported from Venezuela linked to multistate Vibrio outbreak

The Center of Disease Control and Prevention is investigating a multistate outbreak of Vibrio parahaemolyticus that has been linked to eating crab meat imported from Venezuela.

Tech Times – Largest study of its kind shows eating fat is the only cause of weight gain

Researchers at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland and the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, China concluded that only fat causes mice to gain excessive weight over a long period of time.