CNN – New Ebola cluster confirmed in Congo a week after old outbreak ends

The country’s Ministry of Health announced on Wednesday that a cluster of Ebola virus cases has been detected in North Kivu, a province in eastern Congo that shares borders with Rwanda and Uganda.

U.S. News – Nashville public housing authority won’t enforce smoking ban

Public housing residents in Nashville recently signed leases that prohibited smoking. But Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency spokeswoman Jamie Berry tells WPLN-FM the housing authority will tack on a grandfathering addendum that lets current tenants smoke.

NBC – Drug-resistant superbugs may have just learned a new trick

Drug-resistant superbugs, already a big problem in hospitals, may have learned a new trick, researchers reported Wednesday. They may have evolved resistance to alcohol — the ingredient in hand sanitizers and disinfectants that are one mainstay of hospital infection control, Australian researchers said.

CBS – Hand, foot, and mouth disease causes flare up in several states

According to multiple reports, doctors are seeing outbreaks in Indiana, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. And two Major League Baseball players in New York City have also been diagnosed with the disease.

Healthline – Tick-borne infections are on the rise: here’s how to protect yourself

While the tick-induced allergy first came to light in the 1990s, it’s received more attention in recent years as the lone star tick population has spread into about 30 states. Rising temperatures and humidity levels create favorable climates for these critters, according to research.