NBC News — E-cigarette sales soared as prices fell, CDC study finds

Sales of e-cigarettes and similar vaping products have soared over the past five years as prices for them have fallen, federal health researchers reported Thursday.

Voice of America — Study: Obese individuals shed flu virus longer

A new study finds obese adults spread the influenza virus longer than non-obese individuals.

Buzzfeed News — Wash your raw veggies, people, because slugs can make you sick, CDC warns

There’s a parasite called rat lungworm, and it’s carried by snails and slugs, and it can sometimes infect people. Eating raw veggies contaminated with a slug or snail — particularly in the South — was one way some of the people were infected, according to the CDC’s latest Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

STAT — Ebola outbreak in DRC sets up another test for experimental treatments

In the world of Ebola outbreaks, lucky breaks are few and far between. But it appears the Democratic Republic of the Congo may have caught a small one in its latest go-round with the dangerous disease. And it might also give the world another shot at testing an experimental Ebola vaccine.

CNBC — Ohio county health department reports 518 inquiries tied to potential Chipotle outbreak

The Delaware General Health District said Wednesday that it had received a total of 518 inquiries — 95 emails and 423 calls — related to a possible outbreak stemming from a Chipotle in Powell, Ohio.