Reuters – Tariffs on Chinese goods could batter the U.S. vaping industry

Proposed tariffs on U.S. imports from China of electronic cigarettes, known as vaping products, could not come at a worse time for the industry.

BBC – Regular exercise ‘best for mental health’

Regular physical activity lasting 45 minutes three to five times a week can reduce poor mental health – but doing more than that is not always beneficial, a large US study suggests.

NBC News – Choosing to induce labor at 39 weeks reduces risk of C-sections, study finds

Inducing healthy first-time mothers at 39 weeks pregnant instead of waiting for them to go into labor on their own does not raise the risk of a cesarean delivery, a new study says. In fact, it lowers it.

Boston Herald – Study: Working in pain linked to opioid deaths in construction, fishing jobs

Construction workers are dying from opioid overdoses at six times the average rate for all Bay State workers, a startling new report on the epidemic states.

Daily Mail – Just 10 minutes of brisk walking per day cuts heart disease risk in over-60s by 6%

Walking briskly for just 10 minutes a day could lower the risk of heart disease for adults in their 60s, a new study has found.