CBS News – Indiana moms demand answers amid spate of kids’ cancer cases

An Indiana community is demanding answers after recent testing revealed toxic airborne contaminants in some homes, including three chemicals linked to cancer.

The Guardian – Wider use of rotavirus vaccine urged after ‘potent’ success of Malawi trial

A rotavirus vaccine introduced in rural Malawi has reduced deaths from infant diarrhea by more than a third, proving for the first time that a major intervention in a low-income country can be highly effective.

NPR – Treating teen depression might improve mental health of parents, too

New research suggests there’s a flipside to that parental effect: When teens are treated for depression, their parents’ mental health improves, too.

New York Post – Nearly 10K people have gotten cancer from toxic 9/11 dust

The city is approaching a terrible milestone — nearly 10,000 people have suffered cancers linked to the toxic dust and smoke at Ground Zero, The Post has learned.

Kaiser Permanente – Study finds Tdap vaccination for pregnant women does not increase risk of autism

A Kaiser Permanente study of more than 80,000 children born over a 4-year period showed that the prenatal Tdap vaccination (tetanus, diphtheria, acellular pertussis) was not associated with increased risk of autism spectrum disorder in children.