New York Times – Lyme disease is spreading fast. Why isn’t there a vaccine?

If Lyme has become so common, why isn’t there a vaccine for it? Well, here’s something you may not know: There used to be one, but it was taken off the market more than 15 years ago.

BBC – Vaping ‘can damage vital immune system cells’

Researchers found e-cigarette vapor disabled important immune cells in the lung and boosted inflammation. The researchers “caution against the widely held opinion that e-cigarettes are safe”.

Tech Crunch – The FDA OK’d an app as a form of birth control

Don’t want to get pregnant? There’s a Food and Drug Administration approved app for that.

The Washington Post – There’s a simple way to make children more fit. It’s called the Daily Mile.

Now taking place in 3,600 primary schools each day in 35 countries around the world, it takes children outside during normal lesson time to run or walk laps of the playground for 15 minutes.

Pacific Standard – Could a name change increase support for safe injection sites?

A new survey finds 50 percent more people in states hit hard by addiction say they would support an overdose prevention site, compared to a safe consumption site.