American Journal of Managed Care – Health organizations react to rollback of clean power plan rules

The American Public Health Association also noted the fine print in a statement criticizing the change, saying the analysis “quantifies a host of other health effects, including exacerbated asthma, cardiovascular hospital admissions, upper and lower respiratory symptoms, lost work days, school absence days, and more.

Quartz – Mankind almost beat measles, but the virus is storming back in Europe

European health officials are on high alert as the number of clinically-confirmed measles cases across the continent passed 23,500 in the first six months of the year.

CBS News – Millions of contact lenses are ending up in the water

Some 45 million Americans wear contact lenses. Of them, 15 million wear daily disposables — soft plastic discs that are worn once and thrown away.

Kaiser Health News – Religious conservatives’ ties to Trump officials pay off in AIDs policies, funding

Evangelical activist Shepherd Smith has spent more than three decades cultivating relationships with leading AIDS researchers and policymakers to promote abstinence-only sex education. Those connections now could influence government programs and funding within the Trump administration.

The New York Times – The healthier your heart, the healthier your brain may be

Cardiovascular health in older people is associated with lower risk of dementia and lower rates of cognitive decline, a study in JAMA reports.