CNN – At what age do kids start smoking cigarettes?

In the United States and much of Europe, research suggests that regular lighting up typically begins between 15 and 16 years old. – 32 children’s medications recalled due to microbial contamination

The recall includes medications produced between Aug. 1, 2017 and April, according to the federal Food and Drug Administration. The company reported that a “small percentage” of products from that time period tested positive for the contamination.

Reuters – Congo approves more experimental Ebola treatments as cases rise

Democratic Republic of Congo has approved four more experimental treatments against the deadly Ebola virus, the health ministry said as it raced to contain an outbreak in its violence-torn east.

The New York Times – Depression in mothers impacts a child’s immune and psychological health

A mother’s depression may have long-term effects on her child’s immune system and psychological health.

NPR – Long before Facebook, the KGB spread fake news about AIDS

It was a 1985 cable from the Stasi, the former East German police, outlining how the Soviet Union and its allies were working to promote the idea that AIDS was an American biological weapon.