BBC – Russia trolls ‘spreading vaccination misinformation’ to create discord

While a majority of Americans believed vaccines were safe and effective, looking at Twitter gave a different impression and suggested that there was a lot of debate about the issue, the disinformation study, which was published in the American Journal of Public Health, said.

Vox – We’re failing in the opioid crisis. A new study shows a more serious approach would save lives.

The opioid epidemic is the deadliest drug overdose crisis in US history — on track to kill more people over the next decade than currently live in entire American cities like Miami or Baltimore.

The New York Times – E-cigarettes may raise risk for heart attack

E-cigarettes may not be as harmless as many people think. A new study suggests they significantly increase the risk for heart attack.

CNBC – No amount of alcohol is safe, health experts warn

So much for a glass of wine a day for your health’s sake — all alcohol consumption is bad for you, according to a damning report.

Quartz – Lowering air pollution just a bit would increase life expectancy as much as eradicating lung and breast cancer

Exposure to a prevalent type of air pollution—particulate matter called PM2.5—takes one year off the average global lifespan, according to research published Wednesday (Aug. 22) in the journal Environmental Science & Technology Letters.