The New York Times – Did Juul lure teenagers and get ‘customers for life’?

The sales campaigns for Juuls — now hugely popular with teenagers across the nation — are at the heart of a federal investigation into whether the company intentionally marketed its devices to youth.

Epoch Times – China’s African swine fever outbreak likely caused by imports from Russia

The decision to buy pork from other countries instead is now looking every bit like a disaster, as several Chinese cities seek to cope with a pork-disease outbreak that may have its origins in Russia.

The New York Times – Big tobacco’s global reach on social media

Big Tobacco has been making the most of the time it still has using social networks to promote its brands around the world.

CBS News – Study raises concerns about pot smoking by breastfeeding mothers

Marijuana’s main mind-altering ingredient was detected in nursing mothers’ breast milk in a small study that comes amid evidence that more U.S. women are using pot during pregnancy and afterward.

The New York Times – The heartbreakers at chain restaurants

When you compare the fare under the Golden Arches with many of the dishes served at chain restaurants around the country, a Big Mac with large fries and soda begins to sound like health food.

NPR – Life-threatening heart attack leaves teacher with $108,951 bill

In the wake of his heart attack, Calver fell victim to twin medical billing practices that increasingly bedevil many Americans: Surprise bills and balance billing.