The New York Times — US to end funding to UN agency that helps Palestinian refugees

The United States government has decided to stop all funding it gives to a United Nations agency that provides assistance to millions of Palestinian refugees, ending a decades-long policy of supporting it, according to a former senior United States aid official. “UNRWA is a public good, providing critical services, such as vaccinations and prenatal care, that are otherwise unavailable to refugees.”

Kaiser Health News — HHS watchdog to probe enforcement of nursing home staffing standards

The inspector general at the Department of Health and Human Services this month launched an examination into federal oversight of skilled nursing facilities amid signs some homes aren’t meeting Medicare’s minimum staffing requirements.

Associated Press — Global warming could spur more and hungrier crop-eating bugs

A warmer world likely means more and hungrier insects chomping on crops and less food on dinner plates, a new study suggests.

PBS Newshour — Hurricane Maria’s official death toll is 46 times higher than it was almost a year ago. Here’s why

For months after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, the official death count remained at 64 lives lost to the storm. That changed this week when Puerto Rican governor Ricardo Rossello substantially raised the official estimate to nearly 3,000 deaths related to the hurricane, following the release of a commissioned, independent study from George Washington University.

Los Angeles Times — These lawsuits could change healthcare nationwide if they make it to the Supreme Court

Perhaps no recent major legislation has been shadowed as dramatically by legal battles as the Affordable Care Act that President Obama signed into law eight years ago. If Brett M. Kavanaugh, President Trump’s choice to replace retiring Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, is confirmed this fall, he may not tip the balance on the court when it comes to the law’s fate. But he almost certainly will have to weigh in on new cases with potentially far-reaching impact on Americans’ health care.

The New York Times — England proposes ban on selling energy drinks to children

In England, 16-year-olds can down a pint in a pub, if having a meal in adult company. But under a new government proposal, it would be illegal for them to buy an energy drink like Red Bull at the corner store.