The Wall Street Journal – Romania’s deadly measles outbreak spotlights widespread rejection of vaccines

Mr. Gheorghe, 41 years old, hadn’t had any of his nine children vaccinated. “We heard that other children became ill or were left paralyzed after being vaccinated.”

CNN – CDC issues first guidelines to treat youth concussions

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued guidelines for the first time on treating children with concussions, saying they will provide doctors with the “tools they need to ensure the best outcomes for their young patients” with mild traumatic brain injury.

Telegraph – WHO study finds 1.4 billion in world at risk of disease because of too little exercise

More than a billion adults around the world are at risk of serious disease through lack of exercise, a study has shown.

NBC News – Guidance on which flu vaccine to get: Shots for kids, maybe go egg-free

People wondering about flu shots are getting some very specific guidance this week: Pediatricians say kids should get a shot if possible and not the FluMist nasal spray, and a major hospital group says it’s choosing egg-free vaccines for patients and staff.

Buzzfeed News – Some high schools are giving out free condoms to combat a spike in STD rates

Officials in Montgomery County, Maryland, are handing out condoms in high schools to combat a rise in STD cases among young people.