USA Today – Hurricane Florence driving ‘life-threatening’ conditions toward East Coast

Florence strengthened into a Category 2 hurricane Monday and continued its slow but angry dance toward the U.S. East Coast as residents braced for the worst.

NPR – Discreetly tracking down sex partners to stop a surge in STDs

The U.S. is in the middle of a steep and sustained increase in sexually transmitted diseases. So how are public health officials responding?

TIME – Passengers on 4 Southwest flights may have been exposed to Measles

A Texas resident sick with measles may have exposed passengers on four Southwest Airlines flights to the highly contagious virus, officials said.

STAT – The Senate could soon pass an opioids package. But a new law is still a long way away

The Senate is likely to pass a comprehensive bill to address the opioid crisis in the coming weeks. The House did so in June. But the finish line on that long-discussed priority remains a long way off.

CNN – The decline in virus sample sharing is not just about China

The more troubling reality, however, is that the global system for influenza sample sharing generally may be weakening.