The Washington Post – Hurricane Florence: Watches posted as ‘extremely dangerous’ Florence churns toward Carolinas

Florence continued its path toward the East Coast overnight Monday, maintaining its monstrous Category 4 storm status.

The New York Times – Most doctors are ill-equipped to deal with the opioid epidemic. Few medical schools teach addiction.

Now, a decade-long push by doctors, medical students and patients to legitimize addiction medicine is resulting in blips of change around the country.

Kaiser Health News – Avoidable sepsis infections send thousands of seniors to gruesome deaths

No one tracks sepsis cases closely enough to know how often these severe infections turn fatal. But the toll — both human and financial — is enormous, finds an investigation by KHN and the Chicago Tribune.

NPR – Food safety scares are up in 2018. Here’s why you shouldn’t freak out

In addition to better testing for pathogens, detection of outbreaks has improved, too.

CNBC – Summer just ended, but CDC officials are already urging people to prepare for another potentially nasty flu season

Summer may still be lingering, but federal health officials are already urging people to start prepping for another potentially nasty flu season after last year’s was particularly deadly.