Al-Jazeera – Public assembly banned in Zimbabwe capital amid cholera outbreak

Authorities in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, banned public gatherings as part of efforts to contain a cholera outbreak that has killed 21 people over the past week.

Vox – Congress is on the verge of a bipartisan opioid package. But experts have big concerns.

The Senate this week is expected to vote on a legislative package that will take an array of actions to curb the opioid epidemic, the deadliest drug overdose crisis in US history.

STAT – Seven U.S. states now have adult obesity rates of 35 percent or higher

Seven U.S. states now have adult obesity rates of 35 percent or higher, up from zero states just five years ago, according to federal data released Wednesday.

Washington Post – More than 4,300 Arkansas residents lose Medicaid under work requirements

Several thousand poor residents of Arkansas have been dropped from Medicaid because they failed to meet new requirements, the first Americans to lose the safety-net health insurance under rules compelling recipients to work or prepare for a job to keep their coverage.

Fortune – Trump denies 3,000 people died in Puerto Rico as a result of hurricane Maria

Puerto Rico’s governor Ricardo Rosselló, on August 28, hiked the number of fatalities from Hurricane Maria to 2,975. At the time, the White House did not dispute the numbers.

VICE -Should we regulate guns like cars?

From a manufacturer’s perspective, firearms get the kid-gloves treatment. Does that actually make sense?