The New York Times – Ebola likely to spread from Congo to Uganda, W.H.O. says

Local fighting and fleeing patients led the organization to increase its alert level. The disease has appeared in a Congolese fishing village near Uganda.

The Washington Post – In rollback of mercury rule, Trump could revamp how government values human health

The Environmental Protection Agency has sent a proposal to the White House that would weaken existing curbs on power plants’ emissions of mercury, a powerful neurotoxin, by changing the way it calculates the cost and benefits of curbing hazardous air pollutants.

Kaiser Health News – ‘Contraception deserts’ likely to widen under new Trump administration policy

Called the “Protect Life Rule,” the new restrictions are aimed at narrowing women’s access to clinics that discuss or refer patients to abortion providers.

NPR – Think you don’t need a flu shot? Here are 5 reasons to change your mind

Following a winter in which more than 80,000 people died from flu-related illnesses in the U.S. — the highest death toll in more than 40 years — infectious disease experts are ramping up efforts to get the word out.

Vox – An EPA children’s health official says Trump wants to “disappear” her office

The head of an Environmental Protection Agency office in charge of protecting children’s health was put on leave this week, a move she says is part of a Trump administration effort to “disappear” her office.