CBS News – CDC director Robert Redfield says pandemic flu is “very possible”

In an interview with “CBS This Morning” co-host John Dickerson, CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield said one of his greatest fears today is another pandemic, which he says is “very possible.”

NBC News – Guns send 8,300 kids to hospitals each year, study finds

Gunshot wounds put an average of 8,300 U.S. kids into the hospital every year, according to a new analysis released Monday.

The Washington Post – Weather data show cold temperatures raise risk of heart attacks, report suggests

Based on 16 years of medical and weather data, researchers linked an increased incidence of heart attacks to lower air temperatures, lower atmospheric pressure, higher wind velocity and shorter durations of sunshine

Huffington Post – Billboards claiming vaccines ‘kill’ children cropping up across the country

At least 30 such billboards have appeared in West Virginia, New York, Missouri and elsewhere, prompting concerns among medical experts.

The New York Times – A sense of alarm as rural hospitals keep closing

The potential health and economic consequences of a trend associated with states that have turned down Medicaid expansion.